Appspressionism has it’s origin in Germany –

This site provides a basic manifesto of our intentions.

  • Every man is an appspressionist
  • Appspressionism uses digital technology, photo, video, sound, text and voice and summarizes the results in a database.
  • The unknown is infinitely greater than the known.
  • Paint the walls in the 10000th floor of your creativity, while downstairs they are working diligently on the foundations.
  • Creative ideas come within seconds to the art collectors.
  • Life is just a logical combination of database tables.
  • The umbilical cord between artist and work is cut.
  • Sign as the recipient demands.
  • Appspressionism is an art movement that does not need artists.
  • In an empty room is a printer that is controlled by the network. The images come from anywhere in the world and are sold directly. Works that don’t find a buyer shall be destroyed.
  • The future is in the present.

Lind Kernig 18th, November 2012